Our Expert Team

Decobu is a multidisciplinary and cost planning company with offices in Sydney and Perth that has successfully completed and delivered a diverse portfolio of projects.

Our Vision

To become a leading professional services company in Australia, known for its expertise, people, and service. Through acquisitions and partnerships with synergistic businesses, we will offer an end-to-end solution, standing alongside our clients and their projects.

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Dale TG Foster

Managing Director

With a trade background, Dale has held various roles before starting a Cost Planning company in 2015. In 2019, Dale acquired an engineering & BIM company that aligned with his vision of the now, Decobu.

As Managing Director, Dale focuses on the strategy and direction, looking for synergistic opportunities that support the company’s vision.

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Kannan Rajendiran

Sales and Marketing Director

Kannan has over 21 years of experience in the design, implementation, and project coordination of building services and he has worked on various sectors and developments in Western Australia.

In 2022, Kannan transitioned into the role of Sales and Marketing Director.

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Shawn D’Cruz

General Manager (NSW)

Possessing more than 23 years of experience in the building services industry as an engineer and manager, Shawn truly believes in aligning the delivery of projects with clients’ desired outcomes.

Shawn has mastered a customer-centric approach in managing and delivering projects, with an unparalleled level of flexibility.

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Kezia Rowe

People and Culture Manager

With over 10 years’ of Human Resources experience, Kezia’s role is to lead and execute improvement initiatives in all areas of the business such as leadership coaching, learning and development, strategy and organisational design, recruitment, culture and performance management.

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Fasiulla Mohammed

Associate Director – Design

Fasiulla has over 19 years of engineering design & construction experience. Fasiulla has been the voice of clarity for many of our clients and internal operations team with well-versed engineering, people, and business management skills.

Throughout Decobu’s career experience, Fasiulla has worked to provide long-term service longevity.

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Francesco Di Giglio

BIM Manager

Francesco is an expert in BIM services and digital drafting with knowledge and expertise acquired in the building industry in Australia and internationally over the past 25 years.

Francesco has a background in Electrical Design and he worked on a vast variety of projects across multiple sectors.

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Adrian Collinge

Senior Hydraulic and Fire Protection Engineer

Adrian has over thirty years’ design experience in a range of multi-storey residential and commercial developments, hotels and resorts, hospitals and healthcare centres, shopping centres, laboratories, schools and colleges, tenancies, restaurants, petrol stations, liquor stores, mining and camps, BMW developments, housing, agricultural and wineries.

Adrian strive’s to provide clients with the best outcome for their projects including the need to think outside of the box.

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Daniela Melo

Business Development Manager

Daniela has a diverse history in hospitality, events, and, most recently, working with a lighting wholesaler. Daniela has worked internationally, including in the USA and Australia.

Daniela absolutely loves the progression of bringing a client on board. When they know nothing about our services, are enticed by what we have on offer, gives us a chance and prove to meet the expected results and go above and beyond in customer service, resulting in a long-standing-fruitful relationship.

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Mike Pentz

Business Development Manager

Mike has over 8 years of experience in supplying value to customers and building relationships within his relevant market in both South Africa and Australia.

Mike started his sales career in retail and has worked his way up the ranks through hard work and dedication to ensuring the best customer experiences every time.

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Shelby Pignat

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

As an experienced marketing and sales coordinator, Shelby enjoys utilising her creativity and resourcefulness to enable both her team and our clients to outperform their targets and expectations.

Having worked across a broad range of industries including tourism, technology, construction, and property, Shelby is well placed to draw on significant marketing expertise to provide holistic sales and marketing solutions for a wide range of situations across both traditional and digital media.

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Branson Cawthorne

Business Development Manager

Branson graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Applied Science, Construction Management. His previous roles have been in estimating and business development for head contractors.

Branson has a strong industry network which he has built up over the years. One of his focuses is on assisting Decobu scale.


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Daniel Allison

Senior Electrical Engineer

Daniel is an experienced Electrical Engineer, exposed to various standards and codes applicable to building services design for residential, medical, retail, and education projects. Daniel’s main strengths are client and stakeholder management and accountability.

Daniel has a reputation for excellent communication skills and a history of delivering complex projects successfully to clients.  

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Sherman Wong

Hydraulic Engineer

Having been in the role of a hydraulic services engineer for over 6 years, Sherman has had experience with projects across multiple sectors of the construction industry.

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes and Sherman enjoys the design challenges that come with the uniqueness of each project.

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Sumair Mohammed

Mechanical Engineer

Sumair has over 18 years of experience both internationally and in Australia. Sumair is a confident and passionate engineer with a good balance of technical, design, and supervision/operational skills.

Sumair also understands that compliance and safety are critical for good mechanical engineering practice. He has abilities to problem-solve and collaborate with others as a team member to obtain a solution.

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Kameel Ismail

Mechanical Engineer

Kameel was born and raised in Perth but his parents originally emigrated from South Africa. Kameel has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Finance and has a passion for sustainability. 


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James Dwight

BIM Modeller

With over ten years of experience, James’ foundation is in mechanical shop drawings and building services coordination, including shopping centres, restaurants, airports, apartments, hotels, and hospitals. Over time, James has expanded into BIM coordination and all building services design. He prides himself on being thorough and precise with clear drawings and cost-effective designs.


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Kevin Stephen

Electrical Estimator

Kevin started his Electrical Apprenticeship in 1984 and has over 30 years in the Electrical Field. Kevin has been an Electrical Estimator for over 11 years now, having a wide range of experience in Commercial (Shopping Centres, Schools, Hospitals, and Apartments) and Industrial Projects.

Kevin is a hard worker, always does his best for our client, and strives for the best result possible.


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Jibson Johny

Electrical Estimator

As an electrician by trade, and being a person of few words, Jibson believes that ”Things don’t happen by chance and when you are true to who you are, good things happen”.

Being humane, respectful, and honest to myself and others is of utmost importance to him, be it personal or professional life. Jibson believes that one has to be a living example of what one preaches no matter how successful or difficult life is.


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Chris Tozer

Electrical Estimator

During his 20+ years in the electrical industry, Chris has accumulated a wide range of skills in various sectors. Chris has provided assistance in medical, commercial, mining and government projects, from inception to completion.

Chris is a passionate, hard-working, positive individual that thrives in a team-oriented and challenging arena.


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Stuart Wegner

Hydraulic Estimator

With over 12 years of diverse background in the plumbing trade, Stuart specialized in commercial, residential, regional and mining developments. Having an understanding of the practical side of the works allows him to deliver an accurate estimate.

With Decobu, Stuart looks at keeping his passion for the plumbing trade, but from a different side.


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Justin Caballa

Hydraulic Estimator

Justin has over 4 years of combined experience in the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand Construction industries. His initial role in the Philippines was as a Project Engineer and a QA/QC Engineer for a Plumbing and Mechanical Contractor before commencing my career as a Freelance Estimator and CAD Drafter for Mechanical and Hydraulics in Australia and New Zealand. Since Justin is very fond of the Construction Industry, he finds it very rewarding and fulfilling when he finishes projects for clients while helping colleagues achieve shared goals.


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Lawrie Cutting

Building and Construction Estimator

Lawrie has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry in the UK and Australia.

Lawrie started as an office junior for a large company of architects and surveyors in Oxford and has worked as a quantity surveyor and estimator across England and Perth, and studied a diploma along the way as well.


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Darren Arnold

Building and Construction Estimator

Darren has been in the Australian construction industry on and off for about 30 years. His initial role was working for a family construction business, then picking up trade by trade through the industry and tying it all together to become a manager, building estimator, and authoring estimating systems.



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Wayne Robinson


Wayne has over 15 years of experience in General Management and 25 years in Leadership, Sales, and Project Management roles in public and private listed businesses. Wayne initiates and delivers sustained results and effective change management across a wide range of industries including, construction, manufacturing (product and software), electrical, audio-visual, security, and building management systems.

Wayne is currently providing advisory services for Decobu to assist with leadership structures and scalability.

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Majh G Igama

Virtual Assistance

“Competitive, a risk-taker and always on the go” – a few words to define Majh.

Each day Majh aims to be productive and hit all of the deadlines that are given to her. Constantly upgrading her skills is also important to Majh and aiming to be better than yesterday is her path to success.



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Mariely Garcia

Office Assistant

Mariely is an experienced Administrative Assistant skilled in a wide range of office administration duties.

Mariely works well in high-pressure situations with minimal supervision. Mariely has an eye for detail, is hardworking on every task and is goal-oriented.