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At Decobu, we Design, we Cost, to assist you with your Build. Decobu was founded to improve the continuity of two main factors of every project: cost and design. Our purpose is to bring these two components together to improve the construction industry by developing accurately detailed cost plans and cost-effective performance designs.


Decobu is passionate about change. We continue to seek synergistic companies that align with our core values and business goals, through acquisitions and partnerships, we will continue to grow and offer an end to end solution to our clients.


The philosophy at Decobu is to work in collaboration rather than isolation, this results in a well thought out project solution for all the projects that we are part of.




  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Government
  • Fitouts
  • Aged Care
  • Non-Processing Infrastructure
  • Shopping Centre
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Aerodrome
  • Industrial
  • Refurbishment

Decobu is the go-to consulting firm that delivers excellence for our clients and employees. Our growing team culture, flexible working arrangement and industry-changing processes, support a healthy working culture that in turn promotes a high level of communication and passion internally and externally.

What We Do


We support developers, builders, architects, project managers and sub-contractors with their design and engineering requirements. When designing and providing documentation, we consider all critical factors.


Cost planning is an imperative part of any construction project for all stakeholders; understanding costs is necessary for developers, builders and sub-contractors. With our cost planning & estimating services, we use digital software.


With knowledge and expertise acquired in the building industry over 20 years, we work across the digital engineering industries with developers, builders, consultants and sub-contractors allowing virtual simulation of the project.


Our team of experienced advisors are here to assist in helping you tune up your business to ensure you are positioned well enough to win more work. We also offer system and process implementation.

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